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Rethinking Plastic


Words Shaktijit Suryavanshi

Plastic is all around us. It is so versatile it can be used for a variety of different products from TV and car parts, to soft drink bottles and plastic carrier bags. In modern times it has become both essential and convenient. Even without realising it we use and interact with it every day. But are we using plastic optimally or is the environmental cost of using plastic higher than its convenience?


Self-Organised Learning...

Changing the Face of Teaching

Words Benjamin Vermont

The teacher enters the classroom and tells the pupils to turn to page 41 in their exercise books, then he begins giving a boring lecture about an obscure subject which doesn’t seem useful at all. Most of the pupils stop trying to focus after only 15 minutes. The teacher dully continues to deliver his tedious (but however necessary) lesson – yet nobody is listening.


The Book Lounge

Heaven for Bookworms

Words Kia Finjord

If you are the type of person who is always searching for an opportunity to disappear into the magical world of books, or if you simply enjoy reading a book from time to time but want good quality and decent advice on what to read, the Book Lounge is the place to go in Cape Town.


Roller Derby

Ruckus on Roller Skates

Words Helene Uhlen Maurset

Roller derby might look like a bunch of girls racing on roller skates and violently bashing into each other, but going to an actual ‘bout’ (the correct term for a game) makes you realise that it is slightly more complicated than that.



Colombia & the World Cup

A Yellow Fever That Infected the Globe

Words Antonella Bueno

If you were surprised by the Colombian football team’s performance in this 2014 World Cup, you could never imagine the thrill experienced by those wearing the yellow t-shirt with every goal scored – especially the most beautiful one by James Rodriguez against Uruguay.


The Insanity Jump

An Exhilarating Alternative to Morning Coffee

Words Kate Barron

I have never understood those who claim to be ‘adrenaline junkies’ or ‘thrill seekers’. In fact, the mere thought of jumping off a 10m high diving pool used to fill me with dread… that was until I found myself balancing on the edge of Bloukrans Bridge on the Garden Route, a 216m plummet beneath me, my feet tied together preparing to jump…


Building & Community Project

Enriching the Lives of Everyone

Words Corentin Joutang

When visitors arrive in Cape Town, one of the first things they are told is to be careful of going into the townships.


Barbecue Face-Off


Words Cheyenne Turcotte

I left for South Africa just as summer was beginning to spread its warmth across western Montana and winter was converging on the Cape.


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A Day in the Life of...

That excitement was nothing compared to how I reacted when volunteer Pauline van den Beuken explained to me that the teaching project at her school, Floreat Primary, was basically a literacy project. Okay, so literacy...


In Bonnytoun, the boys are aged from 13–18 years old and a lot of them come from townships, where there is a higher level of crime than in the other parts of Cape Town. ...

Kinky Disco

It wasn’t the most comfortable journey in the world – four excited Europeans crammed into a Mini, with typically the smallest person driving while the rest tried to drink from 750ml Black Labels even though our ...

A Day in the Life of…

Arriving at the Vrygrond township, where all the care projects are situated, I was immediately greeted by the project supervisor Grant Palanyandi, who took me to the...

Roller Derby

The sport started out in 1935 as a roller skating marathon, but it slowly evolved into an entertainment sport with full contact....

Bascule Bar

With its warm wood interior and impressive views of the marina, Bascule is a one-of-a-kind whisky bar. Its nautical theme creates the perfect atmosphere to sink back and enjoy a...

Ten Years in Jail with the 28s

he prison allocates different gangs into three separate sections on a single floor, accommodating a total of 500 to 750 gang members. The various gangs are generally called ‘The Numbers’ (the 26s, the 27s and the 28s), and they are enormously powerful in their given shared cells...

Local Craft in Cape Town

Although many crafters lack funds, they don’t lack of ideas and they are willing to work. Cape Town offers every possible form of traditional artwork such as: jewellery, culture, paintings, fabrics, furniture and clothing....

Xhosa Culture & Tradition Adapting To Modern South Africa

Most of the Xhosa population are concentrated in the Transkei and Ciskei regions of the Eastern Cape (approximately 5.3 million). However, since the end of apartheid many Xhosa people have moved to the Western Cape, where today there is roughly...

Albinism in Africa

The 23-year-old Thando was born in Lenasia South, a former township of Soweto in Gauteng. At home she grew up carefree and never felt that she was different to other children...

Housing in South Africa

Shack houses in South Africa are prolific; mile upon mile of squat, dilapidated makeshift ‘homes’ banged together from scrap sheets of corrugated metal and planks of old rotting wood. But despite a promise in the...

Gumboot Dancing

Stomping their feet and slapping their boots, hats and bodies, ten black men move to the rhythm that’s in their blood. Kicking, coiling and gyrating...